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December 18, 2009

To: The Conservative Party of the United Kingdom
30 Millbank, SW1P 4DP
London, UK


Your Excellencies,

The Muslim Forum of Albania has followed with concern the TV Show Déjà Vu that aired on 12/12/09 on the Albanian network Top Channel. In this show, Ms. Mirela Bogdani, who pretends to be a candidate for your party in Wales, UK, has made some offending remarks regarding the multi-cultural realities that exist in your country. While commenting on a photo in which some Muslim women wearing the headscarf were shown, Ms. Bogdani expressed irony and cynicism regarding the supposed deprivation of freedom incurred by these women due to the wearing of the headscarf.

Ms. Bogdani expressed great concern regarding the "Islamization of Europe" due to the supposed refusal by Muslims to integrate into European culture. At one point during the show she said that "one part of northern London is now known as Londonistan because when you go there you feel like you are in the Middle East" and also "when I see women with headscarves in the streets my eyes hurt." She also expressed concern regarding the eventual adherence of Turkey in the EU because of Turkey's Muslim population, which according to her would ruin the balances inside the European Union.

The Muslim Forum of Albania has a deep respect for Great Britain as a castle of parliamentary democracy, which has been installed thanks to great contributions by the Conservative Party, as a great party with fundamental historical contributions to the political sphere of your great European nation. Our respect is reinforced by your friendly and respectful stance towards Muslims and their institutions in Great Britain. 

We are aware that you have in your party's ranks many respected figures of the local Muslim community who share the faith and values of your party in leading your country.

Based on the above, we believe that the declarations of Ms. Bogdani should be closely examined by your party since we feel that she does not share your same feelings towards Islam and Muslims.

With our highest consideration,



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