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The Muslim Forum of Albania (MFA) is an Albanian non-governmental organization, established in the court of Tirana on April 2005, by a group of Muslim intellectuals and believers, whose main aim is defending the image of Islam and Muslims in Albania and outside the country.

The Muslim Forum of Albania is an independent voluntary organization established for the purpose of raising awareness of and combating Islamophobia and racism. It aims to monitor incidents of Islamophobia and racism and working towards eliminating religious and racial discrimination in Albania. It seeks to lobby on issues relevant to Muslims and other communities living in the country, such as Turks, Arabs, Indo - Pakistanis and others, who very often get offended by the media and government.

MFA has been established in compliance with the law 7580 date 29.07.1994 paragraph 39-53, of the law 8781 date 03.05.2001, of the law 8788 date 07.05.2001, and 8789 date 7.5.2001 for organizations that operate in the Republic of Albania.



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