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The aims of the Muslim Forum of Albania are:

  •  To be an organization extended in the territory of the Republic of Albania, and gathering intellectuals, businessmen, theologians and followers of the Islam and its sects.

  • Promoting Islam and its characteristics existent  in Albania and around the world, as a religion of peace, tolerance and understanding, both in the Albanian and international environment.

  • Defending the image of Islam in Albania and throughout the world together with the rights to believe in it and demonstrate such belief, in compliance with the Constitution if the Republic of Albania and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • Fighting all forms of racism, xenophobia, and discrimination against believers that is present in our society and elsewhere.

  • Improving through public and intellectual communication the political, historical, cultural and religious image of Muslims in Albania.

  • Gathering around the activity citizens of the RA pertaining to Islam, regardless of  their ethnicity or origin.

  • Serving as a coordination centre for all the organizations, associations, institutions and other groups that work for the Islamic religion in the territory of the Republic of Albania.

  • Supporting religious communities in Albania and theologians through consultative assistance, information and material supplies which are provided by its donors, in and outside the country.

  • Having its own media channels.

  • Serving as a study centre for different studies related to Albania, Islam and religions in Albania.

  • Organizing lectures, meetings, and seminars with Albanian intellectuals and politicians with the aim of creating a lobbying group that would defend religious and national interests in the country.

  • Organizing study sessions, held by experts in the field, to teach religious and non-religious sciences, with the purpose of  spreading scientific and religious knowledge in the country.

  • Organizing public communication campaigns both in visual and written media in order to provide news and challenge offensive tendencies against religion in Albania.

  • Supporting economic needs and  the rights of religious communities as provided by the local and national government.       


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