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The Danish Cartoons Insult the Feelings of Muslims and Incite Islamophobia

The Muslim Forum of Albania has learned through a number of sources that on September 30, 2005 the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten has published 12 caricatures, where the prophet of Islam, Muhamed s.a.s. has been depicted as terrorist and in other insulting forms.

The Forum deplores in the strongest way possible such an act of insult against Islam and Muslim’s feelings, and is concerned about the spread of islamophobia and attacks against Islam’s image even in other parts of Europe. By looking at the nature of caricatures the Forum believes that they demonstrate a xenophobic and islamophobic approach that some parts of the Western media often show towards Islam.

What is very concerning for the Forum, is that the anti-Islamic cartoons have been printed even in our neighboring state of Macedonia, in newspapers such as “Vest” and “Vreme.” By being aware of the long history of conflicts and religious hatred that Balkans have witnessed times and again, the Muslim Forum of Albania appeals to the Danish and other EU governments to enhance their anti-hate laws and make sure that the freedom of speech is not abused by insulting other people’ feelings and beliefs.

At the same time, the Muslim Forum of Albania, deplores the violent acts that some people are making against Denmark and appeals to all Muslims worldwide, and Albanians in particular, to show restrain and understanding for the differences that exist between our cultures.

The Muslim Forum of Albania plans to explain the above feelings and concerns to the Danish Ambassador in Albania, during this coming week.


The Muslim Forum of Albania


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