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Su: MFA denounces the attempts for religious division from the Demochristian Party


The Muslim Forum of Albania declares that the Demochristian Party of Albania by nominating the mufti of Lezha, Tomorr Ballabani, as its running candidate for the post of the major in Rogozhina Municipality, is seriously provoking the Muslims of Albania.

The Muslim Forum of Albania notes with sorrow and pain that the activities of the Demochristian Party of Albania, which is an openly religious party, are violating the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, and endangering the laic character of the Albanian state, by creating the precedent which can lead to religious divisions in the Albanian society.

Since the dreams of the enemies of Albania have been to divide Albanians in religious lines, we believe that the existence of the Demochristian Party of Albania, constitutes a gross historical accident for our country.

The founders of the independent state of Albania have been very careful to divide not the Albanians on religious grounds, and for this, they have found the consensus of the majority of our people.

While the Demochristian Party until now has been a little party without any importance in the politics of Albania, recently, with its illegal trafficking of deputies, is increasing the danger of her empowerment, a fact that can lead to religious tensions in the country.

For hiding her religious character, the Demochristian Party of Albania has recently hired in her party even some Albanian atheists with Muslim background. However, her latest recruitment of the failed mufti of Lezha as its member is exceeding the limits. With such an act the Demochristian Party is harming herself and the Right coalition where it stands. Because of PDK’s actions the Muslims of Rogozhina are feeling offended and provoked by the nomination that this party has done to an ex-high Muslim official, who instead of preaching the high values of Islam, in this case will propagate the Christian values of the Demochristians.

The Muslim Forum of Albania appeals to the parliament of Albania and the president of our Republic who is legally required to defend the constitution of our country and unity of its citizens, to take the necessary steps and abolish the Demochristian Party of Albania, as a political party that aims division and creates rifts in the Albanian society.

The Muslim Forum of Albania


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