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The Muslim Forum denounces the Zionist violence in Gaza

December 31
, 2008

The Muslim Forum of Albania is alarmed by the events of the recent days in the Gaza Strip, where the occupying Israeli Defence Force is bombing without mercy and in contradiction with all UN resolutions and charters as well as the Human Rights conventions and international laws of war, residential buildings, schools and universities, government offices, and the public infrastructure of the Gaza Strip.

The everyday increasing number of civilian victims as a result of the bombings reminds us of the bitter era of the year 1967 war, when the expansion of the state of Israel towards the Palestinian lands, was marked by crimes similar to those that are being committed these days.

The Muslim Forum of Albania forcefully condemns these Zionist acts of violence which are manifested by the air attacks against the civilian population. These acts are forerunners to darker plans which aim to break up and destroy the Palestinian State.

The MFA shares the pain with the tortured population of Gaza and stands by them morally and spiritually, and solidarizes with their titanic efforts to resist the 60-year old occupation. At the same time it expresses its condolences for the wounded and killed. 

The MFA calls on the international community and the United Nations, to act in respect with the international framework and laws, that they themselves have established and approved. We urge them to strongly interfere and stop any further massacres which are having unimaginable consequences on the civilian population.

The MFA appeals to the said organizations to prevent the massacre in Gaza, which could have severe effects on the international geopolitical relations of the region and the world.



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