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The Muslim Forum of Albania congratulates President Obama

November, 1, 2008


The Muslim Forum Of Albania (MFA) has followed closely the presidential elections in the United States of America and Senator Barack Obama’s victory in these elections. On this occasion, the MFA offers the Embassy of the United States of America in Tirana its most sincere congratulations.

MFA congratulates the Ambassador and all the citizens of the USA for this historical victory. The election of African-American Senator Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States is a great symbolic achievement in the history of that nation and of the whole humankind.

Since the community where Mr. Obama comes from has, in a non-very distant past, suffered the same persecutions and abuse that Muslims in Albania and the world endure nowadays, the MFA hopes that president-elect Obama will know how to take the fight against racial and religious oppression and discrimination and turn it into a global agenda in the future US policies.

The MFA hopes that under the Obama administration the US government will continue to support the Albanian cause in the Balkans, the independence of Kosova, and will in particular, mobilize all its influence to end the discrimination which Muslims face all over the world and also in the Balkans. In Albania’s case, the MFA hopes that the government of Mr. Obama will weigh strongly in our country so that Muslim women who wear the headscarf are not excluded from the social system and are not discriminated because of their belief. At the same time the MFA hopes that the US Embassy in Tirana and the US government will lean strongly on Tirana’s political establishment so that it allows the Albanian Muslim community to have the right to build a mosque at the center of their capital, just as the Christian communities have.

The MFA hopes that under the presidency of Mr. Obama the US government will work with all its strength to repair America’s image in the world, fixing, in this way, the damages done to its image as a result of the mistakes made during the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. We also hope that President-elect Obama will take effective action in achieving peace in the Middle East and a just solution to the Palestinian issue.

While congratulating the election of Senator Barack Obama as President of the United States, the MFA hopes that America will return to be the land of peace, democracy, and human rights in the minds of people all around the world, just like the Albanian people have seen her during the period of the Cold War.

The Muslim Forum of Albania,


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