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The Muslim Forum of Albania Condemn the terrorist Acts of London


The Muslim Forum of Albania expresses its indignation and strongly condemns the terrorist acts carried out in London on 07/07/2005. It also expresses its deep sorrow for the victims of these attacks and its solidarity to the families of the victims and to the British People. Terrorism as a phenomenon has no relation to any religions or their core values. This is especially true with Islam, a religion that aims the achievement of peace, understanding and tolerance in its foundation.


The Muslim Forum of Albania is actively engaged in the preservation and cultivation of the essential values of all civilizations and those of the Islam in particular. As a result the Muslim Forum of Albania believes that any act of violence on innocent people cannot solve any problems, and certainly does not contribute to the harmonious co-existence of civilizations. In contrary, the acts of terror and violence contribute to the destruction of the coexistence between civilizations and religions, and they go contrary to the teachings of Islam.


At the same time, the Muslim Forum of Albania, appeals to all the Albanians, wherever they are, and in particular to the Albanian Muslims living in the United Kingdom, that in those moments of grief and sorrow, to stand by their British brothers and share with them the pain and sorrow.


The Muslim Forum of Albania appeals to the International Community and medias in general to make a clear distinction between Islam and terrorism on the eve of this terrible tragedy. Islam denounces terrorism and those who use the name of Islam for committing crimes have nothing in common with it.




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