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24 / 09 / 2005

The Muslim Forum of Albania condemns the efforts of Mr. Ilir Kulla to present his resignation as resulting from the pressure exerted on him by the Muslims of Albania and their representatives.

Ilir Kulla was fired from his job on July 3rd 2005, when the people of Albania punished through their vote Mr. Kulla and the Socialist Party.

We want to bring to the attention of the Albanian public, that as a result of flagrant interventions, intrigues, unconstitutional and divisive actions of Ilir Kulla, the situation inside the Muslim Community of Albania, a representative body of religion of the majority of Albanians, is at the most critical point of all its known history, since the year 1923.

After creating all this mischief, in sharp difference with his predecessors (like Bardhyl Fico, Halil Lalaj, Fatri Sinani etc.), Ilir Kulla has called on the Government to repair the damages he has caused.

The shocking events that took part inside the Muslim Community of Albania in June 2005, when Kulla used his power to call in the Imams (religious leaders) of Tirana and his continuous efforts to portray them as bandits and terrorists, when they had the courage to denounce the wrongful actions of the Chairman of the Muslim Community, Mr. Selim Muša who under the influence of Ilir Kulla deviated from the mission of his institution for the benefit of the Socialist Party, are all a direct result of the intrigues and calumnious actions of Ilir Kulla.

His persistent actions of interfering with the affairs of the Muslim Community have gravely undermined the sovereignty of this institution and has at the same time have violated the secular status of the Albanian State, that is guaranteed under the Constitution of the Republic of Albania, as well as the image and role of the State Cult Committee, whose mission is the preservation of religious harmony and the independence of religious institutions.

It comes as no surprise that his attacks are directed towards the most honest and dedicated members of the Directing Board of the Muslim Community of Albania, such as the vice/Chairman of the Community and the Myfti of Tirana, Bledar Myftari. This shows that the people who were attacked, must have refused to collaborate and turn into persons serving political interests of Ilir Kulla.

We appeal to Prime Minister Berisha to take special care in appointing the new head of the State Cult Committee bearing in mind the deep crisis in which Mr. Kulla has plunged the Islamic Community of Albania, inciting division amongst its ranks. At the same time we appeal to the competent authorities of the Albanian State to start investigative proceedings into the shady actions of Ilir Kulla during his time as the Chairman of the State Cult Committee.

The Muslim Forum of Albania


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