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The Muslim Forum of Albania, supports the declaration of the Muslim Community of Albania, made in connection to the latest lecturing of Pope Benedict XVI, in which our religion Islam and its prophet Muhamed (s.a.s) were portrayed in a negative way. Our Forum shares its disappointed with the rest of the Muslim Ummah in its disapproval of Pope’s Speech.

The Muslim Forum of Albania, understands with great sadness that the quotations from Pope Benedict XVI, that were delivered few days before, seem to create a great ideological departure from the ideas of Pope John Paul II, who did always stress the equality of all three monotheistic religions of our world, which are Hebraism, Christianity and Islam and share the same God and prophet founder, Abraham.

Our Forum sees as the right thing the apology offered by Pope Benedict XVI towards the Muslim World. This apology is coming in the right time and will contribute to the enhancement of the dialogue and cooperation between Islam and Christianity.

The Muslim Forum of Albania, with this press release would also like to remind the Executive and Legislative bodies of the Albanian Government, to show more responsibility towards the practical and spiritual needs that Muslims, which constitute the majority of Albania, have.

The Muslim Forum of Albania


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The Muslim Forum of Albania is an NGO, part of the Albanian Civil Society whose aim is the fight against racism, discrimination and Islamophobia. For having more information on us please visit:


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