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The Muslim Forum of Albania congratulates the decision of the Albanian Government, for accepting in the country five Chinese Muslims of Uighur origin, which came in Albania on May 05, 2006 for seeking political asylum. The Forum, which deplores the hard time the individuals had in the Guantanamo Bay camp in Cuba, is happy to learn that the American authorities have found them innocent and decided to let them free.

Even that the asylum offering for the Uighur – Chinese citizens might be a costly decision for our state, the Forum, believes that it will be in the honor of the Albanian state and nation, to offer the best possible treatment to the asylum seekers, by respecting in this way the Constitution of our Republic and the international convents for human rights, that our state has signed in.

The Government of Albania in its decision related to the case, must take into consideration the 2005 report of Human Rights Watch, according to which, its director for Asia, Brad Adams, recommends that:

“No country should return to China any Uighurs claimed by China to be involved in terrorism, separatism or other criminal acts,” ... “Given China’s past record, there is every reason to fear they will be tortured or even subjected to the death penalty once back in China.” 

If our country behaves differently, their return would be in total opposition to the ethno psychosis of Albanians, who never throughout their history, have betrayed the needy who knocked in their door for help, without taking into account to which race, religion or nationality the needy belonged, and the dangers that could follow because of this act.

The Muslim Forum of Albania, believes that it will be in the great honor of the Muslims of Albania and of all other Albanians living in our republic, to offer to our Uighur friends all the needed hospitality they deserve, at the same way as we have done during the Second World War, when we hosted the Jews, but even with other nations before them.  

The Muslim Forum of Albania, appeals to the Government of Albania to take into consideration these facts and behave accordingly.


The Muslim Forum of Albania


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The Muslim Forum of Albania is an NGO, part of the Albanian Civil Society whose aim is the fight against racism, discrimination and Islamophobia. For having more information on us please visit:


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