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Media Watch: MFA Monitors slander in the Albanian press

On 10th of November 2005 in Korrieri and TemA newspapers in Tirana, a speech that president Alfred Moisiu had presented in the Oxford Union, was published. In his speech, the unelected president of Albania was attacking the Muslim identity of Albanians, by calling them all Christians, their religion - Islam - untrue, left over by the Turks etc.

The Muslim Forum of Albania reacted against this intolerant speech of the president and demanded him to apologize before his Muslim taxpayers, whom he had offended.

The Muslim Forum of Albania, monitors the hate speech in the Albanian Media since February 2005...


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Press Release:

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The Chairman of the Muslim Forum of Albania, talking to the head of the Islamic Community of Kosova, Naim Tėrnava, on April 2006


Special edition

The president of Albania, Alfred Moisiu has declared that:
"In reality, all Albanians are Christians"

However, the Albanian society is reacting against this lie. On what our medias are writing and how Albanians are reacting against this intolerant speech, please check our Albanian version.

Press Releases:

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Albanian Medias comment Muslim Forum's Declaration on the president:

- Muslimanėt, Moisiu na ka fyer nė Londėr
(Metropol 12.11.2005)

- Forumi Mysliman: President Moisiu ka fyer ndjenjat tona
(Shekulli 12.11.2005)

- Moisiu tė kėrkojė falje ndaj muslimanėve
(Korrieri 12.11.2005)

Albanians protest against president's attack on our Islamic Identity

Albanian's emails against the president



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